Facebook appears to be adding a new ‘Explore’ tab to their Android app in order for users to find popular posts and articles from around the social network. Usually, you’re restricted to only viewing the news and information you want, but you can now explore the rest of Facebook if you so desire a lot easier than just searching for stuff.

As it appears now, posts surfaced within the Explore tab are based on content you’ve already liked or engaged with on Facebook. This is similar to how Instagram’s Explore tab works by displaying photos and videos they think you’ll like based on your history. It also indicates that Facebook is dedicated to implementing artificial intelligence APIs wherever they can.

If you recall, back in January, Facebook also began testing an Explore tab in their iOS app but it never officially made it to the public. Now, with the addition of Android, it’s pretty safe to say we can expect the change in a future update that’s to come soon.


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