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Just to add to our various social media platforms, we’ve officially launched an Instagram account! We’ve realized some people tend to get their daily news through their Instagram feed rather other platforms, so this is the main motive behind our decision to launch this extension of MBEDDED’s social media accounts. So what exactly will you find on our Instagram account? Well, for starters you’ll see … Continue reading Follow Us on Instagram!


We’re Starting a YouTube Channel

We tend to celebrate major milestones with new announcements of services here at MBEDDED. Like for our 500th post, we decided to launch a Facebook profile so you could get the latest news whenever you wanted right in your News Feed. Or when we had our big one year anniversary and we launched the MBEDDED Messenger Bot which allows uses to interact with our site like … Continue reading We’re Starting a YouTube Channel


Introducing the MBEDDED Messenger Bot, Now in Beta

We here at MBEDDED believe that bots are the future of how we communicate with apps, our phones in general, and technology all around the world. They can help get things done like set appointments, email your friend, call your Mom – it’s like having a voice assistant without the embarrassment of talking to your phone in public. Plus, it’s no harder than texting someone. So to … Continue reading Introducing the MBEDDED Messenger Bot, Now in Beta


Today is MBEDDED’s Anniversary – Check Out How Far We’ve Come

Exactly one year ago today at 12:00PM EST, I launched the very first version of my technology-based news, reviews, and rumors site MBEDDED. Then, I didn’t have a clue about what I was doing or how to even write an article properly. I just started writing about technology for the heck of it. I thought, “Hey. These guys can write about technology. Why can’t I?” … Continue reading Today is MBEDDED’s Anniversary – Check Out How Far We’ve Come


Introducing Our Partnership with Toptal

Here at MBEDDED, we’re always busy. News breaks by the minute, tutorials are always needed, and site management is key 24/7. That’s why we’re teaming up with Toptal, an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers and designers in the world. Over on their website, they are also running a blog where they post how-to’s on developing applications for mobile and PC alongside understanding certain coding … Continue reading Introducing Our Partnership with Toptal

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Subscribe to Reboot on iTunes!

Our podcast, Reboot, has officially be approved and is now available on iTunes! Click the link below to subscribe to it! Reboot is a weekly recap of the latest technology news from across the web. Provided by MBEDDED Maximum and hosted by Max Buondonno, this podcast’s episodes run about a half hour long and are built to educate you about the latest happenings in the … Continue reading Subscribe to Reboot on iTunes!


Introducing Our New Podcast, Reboot

You may remember that we used to host live streams on YouTube each Wednesday at 3:00 PM. Well, we recently discovered that our audience would rather have something prerecorded to listen to later while taking a drive, going for a run, or even sitting on a comfy chair without the stress of missing our show. And while we did post the recording on YouTube later … Continue reading Introducing Our New Podcast, Reboot


Poll: What do you think of MBEDDED Maximum?

We’ve been hard at work improving MBEDDED. We’ve changed our name, redesigned our site, moved from Weebly to WordPress, expanded to other tech categories, and much, much more. But have you liked all of the changes we’ve made over our older self? Or better yet, do you like us all together? We’re hosting a poll today so we can collect your feedback. Please take a … Continue reading Poll: What do you think of MBEDDED Maximum?