Lenovo Yoga Book (Windows) Re-Review: Survive the Future

I tend to keep saying this, but the Lenovo Yoga Book is stupid good. It has a nice screen, a laundry list of capabilities, and decent to good enough performance to power you through. Of course, with any good hardware, good software has to play an important role because if it doesn't, the product will … Continue reading Lenovo Yoga Book (Windows) Re-Review: Survive the Future


LG Watch Sport Review

Earlier this year, LG partnered with Google to deliver the first set of smartwatches powered by the latter's Android Wear 2.0. The watches, simply called the LG Watch Style and Watch Sport, each have their own set of features. The Watch Style has a slimmer body and interchangeable bands, while the Watch Sport has basically everything the Style doesn’t: a chunky body, … Continue reading LG Watch Sport Review