MBEDDED is one of the many tech news sites/blogs out on the internet today. But this one is different. We make viewing news about major technology companies worth reading, with a purpose to visit every day. From our posts about rumors to news, reviews, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and anything tech related, you’ll stay up to date on this ever changing world of technology along with enjoy every minute of it.

One of the main reasons why we’re different is our point of view at technology. We’re not just a bunch of overly-excited fanboys wanting to make a quick buck. We want to provide people with a service so they can be just as intelligent about the world of tech as we are. That’s why we created MBEDDED. We want people to come to our site everyday and read the latest news. We’re also helping people with buying decisions with reviews that are too good to pass up. Even if you’re not going to buy the certain product a particular review is about, you’ll want to read it anyway just for the sake of the knowledge about the device.

We aren’t constantly talking about the latest app that just got a price cut of $0.10 in the App Store. We’re not like that. When people wanna read about technology, they want to read about technology. Not apps they probably never even heard of. And isn’t that the point? Doesn’t everyone go online for the sake of more knowledge? We believe that. That’s why we started MBEDDED.

We started out with nothing. Our founder, Max Buondonno, sat in his bed, editing the first version of MBEDDED before launching it officially at 12:00PM on July 15, 2015. Since then, we’ve been writing about the latest in technology, specifically Apple, as that used to be our only topic. But as we grew, we knew it was time for a change. So in December 2015, we moved our site over to WordPress, basically the most popular blogging platform out there. We bought a domain, purchased a site package, and expanded to different tech categories such as Google and Microsoft. Now, we’re getting an even bigger response thanks to more and more people sharing the latest news amongst their friends. And not to toot our own horn, but we have gotten nothing but great comments on our posts. We have come to a conclusion that we’re doing something right, or at least we think we are.


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