On Monday, it was announced that Canadian carrier Rodgers would soon offer the previously-US-exclusive Really Blue Google Pixel and Pixel XL, however it wasn’t made known when that time would come. But now, it looks like the handset variant is now available for preorder on Rodgers’ website, with a few perks included.

For one, you’ll receive a $50 discount on a Daydream View headset if you’re a new customer to Rodgers and sign up for their two-year “Share Everything” plan. You’ll also get a $100 Google Play gift card, regardless whether you’re a new or old customer or decide not to get the Really Blue Pixel and instead opt for the Very Silver or Quite Black.

In addition, it appears only the 32GB Pixel and Pixel XL in Really Blue is available for the time being. It’s unclear whether the 128GB option will be offered, but we’ll let you know if anything changes.


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