During last night’s Grammy Awards, Apple teased their upcoming Apple Music series Carpool Karaoke: The Series in a new trailer which hinted the first episodes would arrive ‘soon.’ If you recall, back in July of last year, Apple obtained the rights to the sketch originally exclusive to the Late Late Show with James Cordon. Then just last month, the company ordered a full 16 episode season, each running a half hour long.

It’s worth noting that as you can tell in the clip, Cordon won’t be hosting each episode himself. Instead, guest hosts will take his place as a part of unique pairings such as Shaquille O’Neal & John Cena and John Legend and Alicia Keys. Furthermore, episodes will not only take place in the car but locations such as basketball courts and laundromats. This is similar to what Cordon already does on the Late Late Show, but at least according to the teaser, Apple’s taking things a step further.

As previously stated, there’s no word on when the first episode will premiere, but we’ll let you know when the time comes.


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