Google has released the official Android status numbers for February indicating how many devices are running which versions of Android. According to the graph below, Android Nougat is now running on 1.2% of devices, an increase of 0.5% over last month. This is thanks to new devices launching with the software such as the HTC U Ultra and devices getting the upgrade like the Galaxy S7 and ZTE Axon 7. Of course, it’s still not much by any means, but at least the number of users is growing and not staying at a certain point.


In addition, Marshmallow is on 30.7% of devices over last month’s count of 29.6%, Lollipop has shrunk to 32.9%, KitKat is on 21.9% over last month when it was on 22.6%, Jelly Bean is on 11.3% over 11.6% last month, Ice Cream Sandwich has shrunk to 1.0% over 1.1% from last month, and Gingerbread stubbornly remains on 1.0% of devices while Froyo has finally left the graph.

Are you on Nougat?


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