ZTE today began updating the Axon 7 to Android 7.0 Nougat with multi-window mode, Doze on the Go, a tweaked UI, and more. It also means that the handset will become Daydream compatible, marking another phone to hit Google’s list of supported devices besides the Pixel and Pixel XL, Moto Z/Droid/Force Droid, and upcoming Asus ZenFone AR and Huawei Mate 9 Pro.

In addition, ZTE is teaming up with a company called Hiya to provide caller ID and spam protection in Nougat for the Axon 7.

“We’re excited to team up with Hiya to automatically protect our consumers from the nuisance of robocalls. Our Axon 7 is the first in the US to offer spam and scam protection along with a natively integrated caller ID solution for free because we are committed to protecting our consumers and giving them the best phone experience possible.”

Everyone who owns the Axon 7 can expect the OTA of the update soon so hang tight.


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