ZTE doesn’t exactly have a history in the smartwatch market if any at all, but the company appears to be gearing up to get their feet wet with an upcoming wearable which, according to VentureBeat, goes by the name of Quartz. Details remain extremely slim, but by the looks of it, you may be able to swap out bands or customize the watch face to match your band’s color scheme.


As far as specs go, we have no idea what this guy may offer. VentureBeat notes that since the Quartz’s Bluetooth certification leaked earlier, we know that it’ll offer UMTS 3G cellular connectivity for Wi-Fi and cellular connection, suggesting the possible inclusion of native phone calls and text messages straight from the watch. But other than that, we’re really flying blind. It’s likely it’ll run Android Wear 2.0, but we can’t verify that.

VentureBeat says we may learn more about the Quartz at ZTE’s upcoming MWC 2017 conference, so stay tuned to MBEDDED for the latest. For now, take a good long look. Would you wear this?


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