YouTube is now allowing those with 10,000 subscribers or more on their platform to live stream directly from their smartphones much like they would on Periscope or Facebook Live. The company announced the change today as it expands their live streaming feature originally teased last year.

It’s unclear whether YouTube will introduce the feature through a manual update via the App or Play Store or just flick a switch and turn it on for specific users, but once it’s available for use, you’ll be able to hit the streaming button, enter a title and add a thumbnail, and start chatting. Viewers will be able to chat with the one casting by commenting in the bottom bar of the streaming window. In addition, direct donations can be made by viewers to channels which will allow those feeling generous to pin comments for up to 5 hours during broadcasts.


In addition, those with access to live mobile streaming can use Super Chat to gain special benefits which allow them to add “visual flair” to their live streams. You can also host private sessions for a limited number of viewers. You know, in case you have something to hide.

All of this is currently rolling out to those with or above 10,00 subscribers on their YouTube channel. Due note that while this is the restriction as of now, it’ll change in the future as Google says they’ll roll the feature out to more users “soon.” “Soon” could mean tomorrow or it could mean in 10 years, so hang tight.


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