T-Mobile debuted their Super Bowl 51 commercial today which focuses on promoting the carrier’s T-Mobile One plan with unlimited everything. Sure, the approach sounds nice, and then you add Justin Bieber to the mix which, mind you, is the recipe for at least twenty cringes. See for yourself.

I won’t go on a full-on rant why T-Mobile could’ve chosen anyone else in the music industry to be in their Super Bowl commercial, but I will say this: there’s a reason Bieber’s a singer and not an actor.

If you recall, last year’s ad poked fun at the huge Hotline Bling trend featuring Drake taping a music video. This year’s ad seems a bit out-of-place as it focuses on people with dance moves. I’m not saying Bieber can’t dance (he’s no Michael Jackson or Jackie Wilson, but he can move nonetheless), but I would’ve gone with someone known for his dance moves. For instance, Silentó had a pretty big hit a couple of years ago with Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae), so they could’ve done a whole spot solely on the “#UnlimitedMoves” of Silentó and his fans. But they didn’t and chose to ride the Bieber train. Let’s just not hope it crashes and burns come Super Bowl Sunday.


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