One of Apple’s latest (and recently their biggest) competitors is Chinese company Huawei. They’ve recently introduced their products to the North American market where they’ve been growing plenty of traction, but not as much as Apple. Therefore, what better way to get the word out than using one of Apple’s most memorable commercial actors?

Yes, folks, the “Hello, I’m a Mac” guy from the popular ad campaign which aired a few years back is now working for Huawei, by advertising both their smartphones and computers. Specifically, the new Mate 9 and MateBook are featured in two fresh ads starring Justin Long. Unfortunately, Long doesn’t hint at his history with Apple in the ads other than to say he has “a ton of experience in tech,” but they’re nevertheless pretty enjoyable.

Whether hiring the Mac guy from Apple’s commercials is a good idea or not depends on how the public responds to them and how often they’re aired. If Huawei wants to compete with Apple directly, they’re gonna need to be pretty aggressive with their campaigning, similar to what Apple, Samsung, and Google do for their devices. It’s only a matter of time until Huawei becomes better known in the United States, but it’s unclear whether these ads will result into that point.


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