Back in November, Barnes & Noble introduced their Nook Tablet 7, a $50 tablet that would directly compete with the likes of the $50 Amazon Fire tablet that launched a couple of years ago. While it seemed to be pleasurable amongst buyers, it looks like it’s not entirely safe to use.

In a press release today, B&N has announced the recall of the power adapters supplied with the Nook Tablet 7 due to their faulty construction causing them to fall apart, posing a threat to someone getting electrocuted. The company is asking buyers to register to receive a complimentary replacement charger and UPS return label over on their website so they can send the faulty adapters back. Those who do so will be rewarded a $5 Barnes & Noble gift card.

The major book retailer notes only about 147,000 units are affected by the issue, but the company isn’t taking any chances. For those wondering, you can use any other microUSB chargers you may have lying around to charge your tablet in the meantime. Alternatively, you can use the supplied USB cable and plug it into your computer.


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