It successfully remained out of the public eye for a week straight, but word has surfaced that Twitter is now the proud owner of their own Instagram account. The profile, one assigned to the handle @twitter, is basically a news hub similar to the social network’s Moments feature in their mobile apps which delivers trending stories, popular tweets, and more all as images and videos. It’s not very ground-breaking by any means, but it’s worth noting nevertheless due to one thing: competition.

For the longest time, Instagram and Twitter have basically been frenemies. A while back, they used to be pretty close, close enough that Twitter was actually interested in buying Instagram. But ever since Facebook made the move instead, Twitter hasn’t been very kind to the latter. One of the biggest indications of this is the fact that Twitter doesn’t allow Instagram to access their API, therefore not allowing photos and videos shared on Instagram to show up in-line within tweets. Heck, we’re lucky we can even tweet links to Instagram posts.

But it now looks like the tables have turned a bit. Now, Twitter is trying to gain help from Instagram by marketing their content on the photo sharing service’s platform. At the time of writing this, Twitter already has over 50,000 followers on Instagram, so they’re definitely getting their content in front of the eyes of thousands already. Of course, it’ll take time to build a reputation, but hey, everyone crawls before they walk.


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