Plume, a California-based company, announced today that their Adaptive WiFi system is now ready for purchase. This comes after pre-orders opened this summer. Plume is a mesh-based Wi-Fi system for in your home that uses compact “pods” to provide coverage in every room of your house.


This product is similar to what Eero and other WiFi mesh systems offer: to prevent signal drops and deads spots around the house. Unlike Eero, which works with a few pods, Plume’s system is set up with multiple nodes which are spread throughout the house. These pods are made to go into each room you want to have internet access in. All the pods have a single ethernet port and plugs directly into the power socket. No need for power cords.


All of Plume’s pods are linked together wirelessly, to provide wireless consistent coverage throughout the house. The system is set up to update your traffic patterns, to maximize traffic management. The company claims that each pod has the same strength as a single Eero unit. But at the same time, the units are cheaper and easier to produce since the computational processing is done in Plume’s cloud.

Fahri Diner, the CEO, adds that the system does not use standard mesh protocols, but instead uses a proprietary system that alternates WiFi band and channels as needed to decrease interference and to more effectively manage demand. For example, the system is able to prioritize a certain pod for high-bandwidth activities like 4K video streaming.


A single pod will sell for $69, while a pack of three will run for $179 and a pack of six will cost $329. The pods are available in three colors: champagne, black or silver. The pods can be bought directly trough the company’s online store. The company recommends one pod per room for maximum efficiency.


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